Recordings of EntitleDID To Life Conference and Gala

Recordings of EntitleDID To Life Conference and Gala

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Two days worth of speeches, information, and personal stories from a variety of speakers ranging from DID/OSDD advocacy social media influencers to trauma and dissociation specializing mental health professionals. 

This is not a tangible item. There are NO refunds on this online product. 

Event Focus: Understanding the Science and Personal Experiences of Trauma and DIsoociation/Dissociative Disorders


Dr. Shawn Horn 

Instagram: @drshawnhorn

Clinical Psychologist and Shame Expert in Washington


Danielle West

Neuro Psychotherapist & DID/OSDD Specializing Coach

Instagram: @traumadetox

Clinical Director of the Trauma Recovery Institute alongside CEO Dr. Colin Ross (center in Texas; focus of DID,OSDD, BPD, and C-PTSD)


Patrick Tobey

LMFT in Las Vegas, Nevada

Parts & Memory Modality Focus

DID Group:

Instagram: @patrick_tobey


Multiplicity and Me

Hnr. Assistant Psychologist, Mental Health Advocate/Influencer

Instagram: @multiplicityandme



Fragmented Psyche

Mental Health Advocate/Influencer and Comedian

Instagram: @frgmntdpsyche




Labyrinth System

Mental Health Advocate/Influencer and NAMI Contributor




Entropy System

Mental Health Advocate, Activist, and Influencer 

Instagram: @theentropysystem



Encina Severa

Mental Health Advocate/Influencer and MUA

Instagram: @encinasevera



Areli and Co.

Mental Health Advocate, Songwriter, Opera Singer, & Musician

Instagram: @reliandcompany



Toi Magazine

Mental Health & Lifestyle(Trauma, Life Obstacle) Recovery-Based Content

Empowering those who are silently suffering.

Instagram: @toi.magazine

Note: There are occasional lags during the recording that are not severe to the main content/main speakers. 



Our gala recording showcasing AMAZING singing from Areli and Company is also included in this purchase.

This recording is not a tangible item, but a series of downloadable links. This purchase does not allow you to gain access to the EntitleDID To Life event. Separate purchase would be required by visiting