Trish Barillas on "A Face of Anxiety"


Featured in the  July/August 2018 issue of TOI Magazine

Life Coach, Author, and Speaker Trish Barillas shares with us the inspiration behind her MOVING book,
" A Face of Anxiety".
As a woman who exudes emotional resilience and bravery, her memoirs help you to fully understand and encourage ANYONE to use their anxiety as a stepping stone.


What inspired you to create “A Face of Anxiety”?
I wanted to create/share my experience of growing up and living with anxiety so others would feel less alone. My intention was to post my life with anxiety on Instagram in a raw unedited way to break the shame that comes with mental illness. The IG posts reads as a cliffstyle version of a book, it's what I call an Instabook: a series of posts that wasn’t heavy mentally, that felt more as if you were chatting with a friend. Soon enough the posts were receiving so many comments and likes that it progressed into a book. The title came from people always telling me “Wow you don’t look or act like someone with a disorder”. Due to my former jobs and lifestyle people were floored to learn how much I suffered, this made me think that I wanted people to know that yes I too was “A Face” of this disorder. There are so many faces because there are so many sufferers and I wanted to reach out to them.    

What has been your personal experience with anxiety?
I’ve had anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember which may be about 5 years old. Along with anxiety, I also have panic disorder which had been very debilitating at many transitional points in my life. The type of anxiety I experience is the fear of losing control, so basically I feel as if I’m going crazy (which I’m not however that is what my brain had been trained to believe.)

How can “A Face of Anxiety” help someone who may be struggling with anxiety?
This book is very conversational so it feels light and humorous. I wanted to really showcase my personality on how I view my anxiety in a positive aspect. The book proves that even amidst the ups and downs their is always hope. The main takeaway is that anxiety is manageable, once you truly understand yourself and your body you can take back control of your life. Even if the book helps one person feel less alone, than I have met my objective. 



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