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ALL in one so you can EMPOWER the world, ending the mental health stigma by using the power of human connection & authentic marketing. 

Email for any inquiries. All services are custom to what you need/feel most aligned with.

Toi Connections was brought into fruition as a direct result of noticing the lack of online presence of recovery resources Toi Magazine's team and readers had access to. Our world is HEAVILY digital, yet still based on human connection and relationship. Sites that show a photo of a therapist and a list of their specialties, yet no Instagram, Facebook, or website (or lacks consistency) DOES NOT make online viewers feel safe nor very certain on going to you for help on their recovery journeys. 

Due to Toi Magazine's genuine approach to creating relationships with our readers & article features, we have learned about the POWER of marketing in the mental health field overall, with a large effect being the cause of our friendships with many mental health/lifestyle influencers.  These friendships showed us how influcenrs who are vulnerable with their viewers/followers, happen to attract those who directly relate with them. Topics like:

  • C-PTSD, PTSD, Trauma, Trauma Recovery
  • OCD, Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorders
  • Schizophrenia. Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder, OSDD, Dissociation
  • Eating Disorders
  • And More!!

This helps IMMENSELY with helping people to relate, have community, and validation of the hardships they face with any mental health disorder or trauma, yet we noticed that one thing was missing!!

Our centers, therapists, and coaches (custom recovery resources) were vastly missing from the community of those who NEED their help to continue their life journey with peace & grace. 

THIS is where we come in! 

We help you to bridge the gap between social media/influencers with an audience that could use assistance on their journey and recovery resources, like your service, by helping you in a one-on-one custom setting that maps out the next steps you would have to go to achieve this. There are MANY people who need your words or help in their life and they may not know you exist or don't have trust built with you yet due to the lack of consistency in your online presence overall. 

How do we help you?

Collaboration Management/Influencer Campaigns:

We help you build relationships with and set up collabs that attract the survivors you want to help through working with influencers, podcast hosts, facilitating IG Lives, YouTube videos, etc. on a consistent basis. 

Social Media Posting  & Social Media Branding Creation: 

Oftentimes therapists & centers do not have the time to post or may not know what to post!! We post for you on a consistent basis to build rapport and trust with you community/followers so you can have a little less on your plate each day!! (IG Story, IG Main Feed Post, FB Story, FB Main Feed Post)

Strategy Sessions & Coaching/Daily Tracking: 

Constant support via Zoom, email, and Telegram chat if you have any questions, want to promote something new, etc.!! If you have any inner-block like feeling as though you are not good enough to collaborate with an influencer on a YouTube video, etc. through our coaching we will support you along that journey to get to the root of that issue if you choose. 

With our strategy sessions, we will speak with each other via Zoom no what your company goals are & how we can help you reach that goal!