An Ethical Fashion Friendly Wedding Dress??!! YES!!

Featured in July/August 2018 issue of TOI Magazine.

Professional Actress Saoirse Doyle originally from Wicklow Mountains, Ireland, but currently in Dublin, shows how not only can you dress ethically on vacations, parties, etc. but YOUR WEDDING TOO!! That's right. Her wedding was this summer and the gorgeous form-fitted dress she is wearing is 100% ethical fashion. Win-Win.

"I have been a vegetarian for most of my life (since 11 years old) and three years ago started transitioning to a vegan diet. While doing so I also came across a documentary on Netflix called 'True Cost' and it really made me rethink how the fashion world works. If a top costs €4. in a high street fashion store and it was made in a less developed country, most likely someone along the line suffered. €4. barely covers the travel cost, let alone, the workers wages, the materials used, the farmers costs who produce the materials, the transport and travel,  to just name a few of the different payment points. I have been lucky in that I have always kept my clothes since I have been about 19/20. I have always taken really good care of my clothes and they last me a long time. I also can regularly be seen shopping in a secondhand/ charity shops and some of my best pieces are second hand. So since watching True Cost, I have continued to do this, but also when I need to get something new I will really think about where is the best place to purchase it, I think of companies that try to make a positive impact on the world and have good company ethics. My advise to anyone looking to make more ethical fashion choices is to first of all watch 'True Cost'. Then to NOT run to their wardrobe and throw everything out, as that is very environmentally damaging, rather just to really think going forward, do I really need a new dress? Can I get it second hand and if not what are some of the best ethical & socially responsible shops to buy from."

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